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7 Reasons to start your Crochet Braiding Career

  • Financial Rewards: You can earn a good income by specializing in crochet braids and only crochet braids, especially as you build a loyal clientele and gain experience within your community.

6k+ per month (beginner)

10k+ (motivated)

  • Flexible schedule: Take control of your work hours and plan around your personal life and obligations…..your family, vacations or children school hours.

  • Build a team: Train and mentor other artists under your brand to generate income even when you're not working.

  • Personal Satisfaction: There’s nothing more fulfilling within a job, than making people feel valued, confident and overall beautiful. The feeling of knowing you made someone’s day through the services you give can be the most fulfilling.

  • Travel Opportunities: Professional crochet braiders that use unique extensions and techniques are far and few between. You can create waitlists in places you wish to travel to. Once there’s 3 times the amount you wish to service, you can easily work and vacation.

  • Product development: Start a product line of your most used items like edge control, combs, wig shines, shampoos and even cosmetics. This is another great source of passive income.

  • Niche Market - Professional crochet braiding is still an untapped market. Now is the time to get trained from an in demand artist who cares about your growth and collaboration.

Learn to Crochet Braid firsthand from Becca, Creator and Founder of Beauty by Bekuh Brands, during our first international in-person course. Sign up today!

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